Portable Lighting Tower

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There are a number of occasions in which you need additional lighting to make the area brighter or there is any critical work going on then lighting towers are required because the light is needed for a limited time. Our lighting towers are very affordable and provides you the best light for your task. We have got the heavy-duty systems which are powerful, affordable and energy efficient. The pole is 9m high and on the top, there are four metal halide lamps which produce bright and pure white light giving a total of 4000 watts output. At the base of the pole there is a generator of 6 kilowatts. The lighting pole can be rotated to almost 360 degrees. The whole operation of the system is quiet and there is no disturbance produced during the operation of the system. Go here http://www.samsonhire.com.au/  for more information about advertising signage hire.  

There are a number of applications in which you can use our mobile lighting tower hire. If there is an event and includes some sports then you can use the tower for powerful beam of light or you are in a playground and you need a powerful beam of light then you can use the lighting tower. If there is a construction site and the labour is working day and night and working non-stop. You need a lighting tower that can be adjusted to different heights providing you the best light output or there is a public construction going on like bridges or mega structures then in that case you can also use the lighting towers to get the best light possible. In the case of emergency, you can use the lighting tower in the desired area. If you have small sports competition in school or college and you need lights that are bright then you can use our tower lights since these can be extended to 9 meters high.
Our lighting poles are durable and made with best galvanised steel providing the optimum strength to the lamps even at 9 meters of height. As there is a generator at the base of the pole, you can also put some additional small load to the generator which will be helpful in some cases. You can also use in parking lots where a lot of light is needed. We assure the quality of the product and will work perfect for your job whether it is a concert, a sporting event or a construction site. We care about our customers and we work our best to give you the best. If there is anything you want to know about the lighting then contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.